Special deals

Le Petit Passeport


Did you like our hotel? Simply want to discover one of our 7 countries? At your arrival, ask for your Le Petit passport, and after your first stay, get special gifts and discounts!

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Stay & Save!


Book now a minimum stay of 2 nights and save €5 per night on our official rate!

*Special offer valid except in the high season (July an August), Easter and official celebrations. In the middle season (June and September) the offer is valid every day except on friday and saturday.

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Special Non-Refundable


Pay now your room and save from 5€ to 7€ per night:

Paris: 7€/night;
New York: 6€/night;
Tokyo, Bali, Siena, Nairobi: 6€/night;
Stockholm: 5€/night;
Double single use: 5€/night

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